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04:05pm 03/10/2007
  ok, i'm a nomadic transient homeless vagabond vagrant, and i can't stay in one place for more than a few months no matter how hard i try. i sometimes decide that i want to go back to college and get my degree and maybe rent a place... all that. so i try. i call my parents and say "i'm sorry mom, please let me come back." and they do, because some bridges apparently never burn. either that or i get arrested and start calling my parents from jail so i can get commissary and shit or maybe bonded out, and i make promises to my parents on the phone that i will go to rehab or whatever the hell they think it is that i should do and "get my life together."

but domestication is not the lifestyle for me! the only time i have ever been happy is when i lived in a tent with my boyfriend, or when we lived in a VW van, or even when we slept in doorways. couch-hopping and motels are alright too.

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well, i want to ask. to all the fellow street kids out there, have you ever been in such a situation? or are you allowed to roam free without being a fucking fugitive. the only motivation i have to do what i'm told is so that i can finally be a legal vagrant. every single fucking time i've traveled, i've had to look over my shoulder for cops, because i had warrants and didn't even need to commit a crime to be taken to jail. and it's hard to avoid cops when you sleep outside. before i was in the criminal justice system, i was a minor, so they still brought me back to my parents' house when they found me.

is this frustration mine alone?
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07:45pm 13/01/2006
  hey. can anyone tell me if the movie gutter punks is being played anywhere currently? or anywhere near pittsburgh?  
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05:02pm 14/07/2005
  Does anyone know someone that I could stay with while I go to UBI (United Bicycle Institute) in October?  
X posted a lot 
07:04pm 14/05/2005

(if someone wants to make a flyer, do it, I am not.)


Baltimore MD - Wyman Park


First show at 2pm

Counterfeit Matt
Savory James
Tom, The cops
Chuck Obstruct

6pm Show
6 Bucks-- don't got it, don't come.
Barclay house

The Knox (Boston Street Punk)
Martial Law (Boston Street Punk)
Plan R (VA Punk)
Group 36 (VA Street Punk)
Disease Called Man (DC Punk/Thrash)
Call the Cops (Baltimore Punk Rock)

WE NEED: Grills, Picnic Stuff, Tables, FOOOOOOD!! lots of FOOD!!! BRING SOMETHING! game stuff, fun, Beer etc.

DON'T BRING: Your bad attitudes.
train hopping linkage 
02:52pm 29/04/2005

provided by red_star_marcos
09:05pm 04/04/2005
  Join _fuckindrunx  
01:36pm 27/03/2005
  anyone every consider digging an underground squat? .... i have been toying with the possibility.  
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03:42pm 05/03/2005
  so yah... I just joined here.

I guess you could say I'm looking for a travel partner. I'm always looking but never finding so I go it alone most of the time.. so that's not really the main reason I'm here.

Well I recently got kicked outta my home due to my lack of compassion and understanding towards my families controling, life destroying habits. I had my car at first and I was left for florida and then went to san diego. I'm in ohio right now about ready to leave for baltimore.

I'm broke, lonely, and feeling like shit. I didn't really choose this life and I can't go back home so I guess I'm looking for some inspiration, some help, and some fucking friends. something at all really. I'm not liking how things are going so far and I'd like it if someone could give me a mental boost or some useful advice to help me on my way.

Much love,
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the street breathes, and i inhale. 
01:38pm 03/03/2005
  i keep having these sharp painfull thoughts thrust violently into my mind. they are brought upon often by the fact of realizing what i am not, and that i really don't want to become what everyone desires me to become. swear words swarm freely and i bite my lip bitterly at thinking about exactly where i am going in life. don't be suprised, in awe or stunned if you try to find me and i am gone. gone to the streets, gone from your jobs, your instutions, your beliefs. for how long, i don't know. where? i imagine here. i don't really mind being a stress on your social system, if it means escaping the bullshit that is associated with it. the bit lip is loose, and i am all fucked up. 'course any other way would be me. been living these reoccuring mind nightmares - medicated up on lithium - or not. i don't imagine them to stop anytime soon. call me an idiot for coming from middle class family and wanting to downgrade to low low class, but i am really considering downgrading for my needs, desires, wishes, dreams, breathing, heartbeats. the street breathes, and i inhale.  
01:42pm 01/03/2005
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random think. 
04:18pm 19/01/2005
  just a forewarning - albuquerque, new mexico is a horrible place to dumpster dive. if you are in the area it may be slighlty more difficult to find goods as competition is great in the area.

on another note.. anyone ever consider digging an underground home in the city with a shovel?
08:38pm 04/01/2005
  A lot of people sit around pissed of at what goes on in the world, what goes on within our government, the way our society is structured so that it benefits those who have money, and those who want to live their life in a way where they dont exploit society, the people that want to live a lifestyle where they are socially conscious, can never reap the benefits of what our society defines as success, things such as money and power, things that can only be achieved by taking money, power, labor, and the humanity out of the humans. but the time to sit around and talk about the giant corporate boot that is being rammed further up our ass is no more. It is time to take action and I mean put in the extra effort take the extra risks, and fight against the injustice and terrorism of our institutions. everyday the risks we have to take to fight this machine get greater, the damage to our earth gets greater, the gap between the rich and the poor gets wider and the corporations grip on humanity, the media, the government, and the rights of the people living in a democracy get tighter and tighter. Evidently the corporations and the conservatives are winning the fight for america, and in the long run the conquering of a militaristic US empire.
and what are we as conscious human beings doing to stop this, pretty much not enough. thats not to say that there is no resistance movement toward the societal betterment of mankind, its just that the fighting is scattered and there is no coordination between groups and organizations. which is why I'm starting this livejournal group in which we dont just talk we also organize, the aim of this group is to notify people of movements locally that they can take part in, to give ideas, to share inspirational stories that make people want to mobilize, organize, and humanize. the aim of this group is for it to become big enough so that you can find people in your area that also fight for the same cause you do because one of the biggest things that holds people back from organizing, is the simple lack of other people to organize with. In comparison to other more internally facist countries (america being more externally facist) the ability of the people to excercise their democratic and constitutional right to bring about change is rather high though dwindling by the day, which is why it is imperative that we take on our role as global citizens and become the new majority. Today I looked through livejournal antiwar groups, political science groups, anarchist groups, punk groups, activist groups and the promise in numbers is enough to inflict change and make a difference, all it takes is organization on a more largescale basis.

so join this group that hopefully with more organization can become more that a livejournal group
but a movement of citizens fighting for the sustainability of humanity.

humanmajority join
07:55pm 06/12/2004
mood: need a smoke
Hey yall just signed on here and wanted to say what's up. They call me "Jailbait".
I'm in New Orleans where the movie Gutter Punks was filmed.
I've got a couple friends in that movie and one of my close friends, Scooby, is on the background of this community.
I'm staying here in NOLA until May, occasionally leaving for short trips. If anyone needs any info on what's going on down here (saftey, drinking laws, ect) or needs to contact anyone down here just drop me a line. I'm here to learn and help. It would also rule if I met some people who new the same kids as I do.
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02:01am 19/08/2004

I'm currently looking for a new start in life (so to speak). I'm either looking for somebody to travel with or a new area/place to live. If you can help out (without "advice"), please click into the LJ cut link thing.
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First Post on here 
07:38pm 02/07/2004
mood: drunk
hey all, just making myself known.
Word to the wise, don't dive the dumpsters at Robin's Donuts, some of them put bleach or some shit on their garbage so we can't eat it. In Vancouver, anyway.

Word to the wise, I always find Edmonds a bad place to spange. People will lecture you about 'working for your money' and shit, it's so annoying. Gastown is pretty good this time of year, the tourists often just chuck you a quarter if they're small-town, they think it's rude to look away or something.

That's all for now. Anyone in Van, drop me a line through my lj
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dude. i need a ride! 
01:58am 20/06/2004
  anyone traveling from marathon,florida to urbana,illinois?

i would highly highly highly appreciate a ride!
or if you wanna take a road trip from florida to illinois!

do a kid a gigantic favour.
or ill be forced to work at kmart or winn dixie
or some other corporate america dead end job
where i had to shave off my hawk!
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10:43am 14/06/2004
  i need a travel buddy for this summer. im in eugene oregon right now, and headed.. well, pretty much anywhere else.
anyone up for it?
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07:10pm 26/05/2004

05:27pm 16/05/2004
  anyone know of a place in portland (portland,OR) i could crash for a night or two?  
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09:35pm 01/05/2004
Its Jesus
Go Here!


Smell you Later,